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Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 08:13:28 CET 2020

I am starting a rewrite of my 2D hardware accelerated Pascal graphics
library based on an OpenGL 3D backend, and I stumbled across an open source
project called NanoVG. I am impressed with how small and self contained
NanoVG is, and although I will recreated my 2D graphics library upon OpenGL
without using NanoVG, I though some of you on the mailing list might have
some interest.

Here is some reference material on NanoVG:

Original github page, but there might be an improved fork I can't find at
the moment <https://github.com/memononen/nanovg>
How to build User Interfaces and 2D Shapes with NanoVG

What's important is that several people have ported the projects to other
languages and backends (DX11 for example). Looking at how small and self
contain it is, it would seem like a task that would not that difficult to
port to Pascal.

I believe it would be an interesting project that would benefit us Pascal
users greater if it were ported and was wondering if anyone of you might
pick up the torch so to speak. Normally I wouldn't have too much of an
issue with porting a project like this, but my graphics backend has already
been written once and I will be adding a few features beyond NanoVG, and
also using a different design. I would rather compare the two, NanoVG
written in Pascal, and my library rather than merge them or at the least be
though of as having copying ideas from NanoVG, so I want to keep these
worlds separate.

If anyone has thoughts about a Pascal version of NanoVG, possibly even from
a more updated git repo, please send you feedback to others in this thread.

Thank you, Anthony.
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