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Hi Luca.

I hope you are fine in the current world situation.

Some answers below to your questions 1 and 2.

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> Hello,
> I need to embed a simple web server in my application that
> 1) should server a couple of static files
> 2) send server-sent events

1) So, you can use any Pascal structure to serve files, even in a single
routine. BTW, if you want to resolve media types, you can use
fpmimetypes or BrookMediaTypes

2) As Michael explained, unfortunately, it is not supported in FCL-Web
(yet) . However, if you want a SSE structure out-of-the-box, you can
provide it using the Brook streaming, e.g.:

Minimal console example:

Minimal LCL example:

Both examples above declare a small HTML client showing how to consume it
via event source (EventSource). Optionally, you can use some async
structure (e.g.: TSpinWait.SpinUntil) to create a small polling to push/pop
the messages provided to the clients in a single long lived event.


Silvio Cl├ęcio
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