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Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Thu Jun 18 11:42:52 CEST 2020

El 18/6/20 a les 10:52, Евгений Кадисов via lazarus ha escrit:
> Hi everybody.
> In what cases can be such a situation. The call stack is full of strange 
> stuff and does not contain any string of the debugged code.

That's because it's either an external library or some pascal code with 
no debug information (i.e. the freepascal rtl/fcl is distributed without 
debug information).
In the latter case you'll have to rebuild the rtl/fcl with debug 
information (I defer to the experts on how to do this, every time I have 
to search duckduckgo/google to see how to do it), if the former and 
you're using linux, you'll have to install the debug/dbgsym packages of 
the libraries as well as the sources (again, duckduckgo/google is your 
I noticed that lazarus has some limited support to step through C code, 
that's nice when you're struggling to see why an external library is 

It could also be that the code has debug information but in a different 
format that your application.

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