[Lazarus] Cannot find inc file from a registered package...

Juha Manninen juha.manninen62 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 09:43:07 CEST 2020

On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 9:51 PM Bo Berglund via lazarus
<lazarus at lists.lazarus-ide.org> wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Jun 2020 11:44:29 +0300, Juha Manninen via lazarus
> <lazarus at lists.lazarus-ide.org> wrote:
> >I installed Indy10 and checked. "Include files (-Fi)" says :
> > .;Core;Protocols;System
> >So the System directory is there.
> Not in my case, OPM did not place it there. The box is empty.

OPM does not alter the packages. It only lets you download and install them.
I wonder what could cause the difference. I got package indylaz 10.6.2 from OPM.

> But it stopped at the exact same place again with the error message:
> class_SSRemoteServer.pas(84,2) Fatal: Cannot open include file
> "IdCompilerDefines.inc"
> So adding a path to the include path box for the package does not work
> either.

Yes, that was my experience, too, as I explained.


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