[Lazarus] libgphoto2 camera capture and control

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 13:57:28 CET 2020

Does anyone know if any projects exists for libgphoto2?

I wrote an object oriented interface to libgphoto2 and have a problem with
tethering (using the computer to control a camera) where after some time my
camera will turn off during a period of inactivity.

To reset camera tethering you have to manually turn the switch on the
camera to off then turn it back on again, wait a bit then press a button in
my application to try and connect again. This is a inconvenient as you have
to stop using the computer and fiddle with the camera constantly. I am
wondering if anyone has handled this before and had any insight on how to
prevent a camera from just powering down. If I continually take photos this
might fix the problem, but that would interfere with other operations as
the camera is occupied during that period and it would cause random
intervals where camera settings could not be made.

The library seems to have some application idle timeout functions, but they
don't seem to do anything with my camera at least.

I appreciate your thoughts.
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