[Lazarus] MatchesWindowsMask('[x]','[x]') return False

Rolf Wetjen rolf.wetjen at mail.de
Sun Mar 15 13:09:55 CET 2020

Hi Lazarus team,

I found this during some error analysis. TMask uses the brackets as a 
set indicatior in the mask string. In this case the FMask.MinLength and 
FMask.MaxLength are set to 1. The brackets in the test string are not 
treated in any special way and so the match fails as the length of the 
test string is 3 (tested inside TMask.Matches).

I think that this isn't the expected behavior especially as [ and ] are 
regular character for file and path names in windows.

Shall I open a bug report for this?


Rolf Wetjen


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