[Lazarus] Close all menu item ?

R.Smith ryansmithhe at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 11:31:08 CET 2020

On 2020/03/24 11:39, Michael Van Canneyt via lazarus wrote:
> See my (held for moderation, attachment to big) answer to Ondrej for 
> why this reasoning is insufficient and the current Lazarus behaviour 
> is actually buggy.
> It's in fact hilarious that I am forced to even discuss this ! :-)
> I mean, how hard can it be to understand this ?
> To any normal human being, *Close All* means close *ALL*.
> 'All' is just a 3 letter english word with a very clear meaning. 
> Savour the simplicity of it by pronouncing it out loud, prolongue the 'l'
> sound if you need that to fully grasp the meaning and beauty of this 
> word :)

Firstly, Michael, that was quite fun to read, I enjoyed it :)

Secondly, I've been following this thread with some ambivalence, but 
before it gets silly - kindly remember the small feature called "Context".

What does the word "Open" mean to "any normal human being"?  It's simply 
an adjective/verb, perhaps describing a property of a thing being 
unclosed, or the action of making a thing unclosed. In the File menu the 
word "Open" only gets it's meaning via the sub-context of being in the 
"FILE" menu. If it was in the Project menu or Package menu (oh look, 
there it is...) it would bestow it's meaning on a completely different 

Why are we Ok with the sub-context bestowed on "Open" and the difference 
in meaning when it's in the Project menu vs. when it is in the File menu?

I can repeat the above for "New" or indeed "Close".

When a menu says "Close All" it must by definition mean "... for the 
stuff that this menu is about", otherwise every menu item caption must 
be altered to carry the whole menaing and a GUI will start looking like 
a shakspeare novel. (To be fair, Lazarus does actually call it "Open 
Project" on the Project menu - a superfluous text, but not exactly 

When you want to Close (or do anything else with) the project, do it 
from the Project menu. If you want to do stuff with the files in the 
project, do it from the File menu. Asking to change the behaviour of the 
interface for everyone in the World cause your sense of English is 
offended is, well, some would say "arrogant", but I'm not like that, I 
would merely call it "highly expectant". :)

On a serious note devs, if one did click "Close All" and the project 
closed too or reopened the default project (since at the end of the day, 
a Project is also a file), I doubt anyone would complain or find it 
weird or complainable. If I did NOT want the project to close, I 
certainly wouldn't click on any menu item with the words "Close All", so 
perhaps in this case, notwithstanding what I said above, and if it isn't 
a lot of effort, evryone would be fine with this change and it would 
indeed help sort out any SVN niggles.


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