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> Hi:
> I want to write a report where even lines are written with no background  
> and odd lines with a light >gray background.
> The idea is an memo (MemoBackground) in the background of the masterData  
> Band that is gray and I >set visible or invisible, according with the  
> line.
> I have created a report variable "LineCounter"
> In the ColumnHeader band (the report has two columns) I have a Script
> Begin
> LineCounter:=0;
> end;
> In the GorupHeader header I have this script
> Begin
> LineCounter:=0;
> end;
> In the masterData band Script:
> begin
> LineCounter:=LineCounter+1;
> MemoBackground.visible:=(LineCounter mod 2 = 0);
> end

Probably the easiest way of doing what you want is using an empty memo  
object sized to the extent you want for the background row, any other  
field on the band should be 'above' the background memo (you can just  
select the background memo and press the 'send to bottom' tool button),  
any field on the band should be transparent color. Then edit the  
background memo and use this script:

if [LINE#] mod 2 = 0 then
   FillColor := clGray
   FillColor := clWhite;

As written and because the variable Line# starts at 1, the first line will  
be white.

You can apply this method to any existing report as it doesn't require  
modifying the source code of your application.


Jesus Reyes A.
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