[Lazarus] TAction and Short-cut conflicts

Vojtěch Čihák vojtech.cihak at atlas.cz
Mon May 25 21:48:09 CEST 2020

I didn't know that Menu Editor has this feature.
I tried and my project has >160 conflicts and I can confirm what you report.
I also noticed that it reports Alt+C (i.e. accelerators, when some caption is "_Cut" with underlined _C_).
And the window needs better anchoring for vertical resizing (buttons should be anchored to bottom and the groupbox to buttons).
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I've been using the TActionList and TAction objects, which I think is 
 not only making life easier, but a good design choice, and it's been 
 working a treat.
 One niggle is, when I assign a short-cut to a TAction and then assign 
 that TAction to any of the action-enabled controls, it lists the 
 shortcut in the conflict list, which is a false positive - it's ok with 
 a shortcut item to conflict with itself or it's own action (impossible 
 not to, actually).
 To be precise - say I have a TAction named actCut to cut text, set the 
 Shortcut to "Ctrl+X", then assign the action to one menu item in my 
 TMainMenu, say mmnuCut (which is new and had no other properties 
 changed), I then will see the following in my ShortCut conflict list 
 (accessed via the Right-click in the Menu editor --> Shortcuts --> 
 Resolve Shortcut conflicts):
 - Resolved Conflicts: 0
 - Remaining Conflicts: 1
  "Ctrl+X" in actCut conflicts with "Ctrl+X" in mmnuCut
 What's worse, if I also assign the same Action to another menu item 
 (which is the point of using actions) in the pop-up context menu, say 
 puCut, I can see a three-way false-positive like this:
  "Ctrl+X" in actCut conflicts with "Ctrl+X" in mmnuCut
  "Ctrl+X" in actCut conflicts with "Ctrl+X" in puCut
  "Ctrl+X" in puCut conflicts with "Ctrl+X" in mmnuCut
 I use many Actions and shortcuts, so now resolving any REAL conflicts 
 becomes really hard.
 So before I log a bug report, let me ask the community first:
 - Is this a bug?
 - Is it a feature request?
 - Is it a stupidity and there is some config setting I'm missing?
 Also, in the conflict list, if the window is resized, the inner panel 
 does not - like someone forgot to swicth its Align from alTop to alClient.
 -------- Technical-----------------------------
 A conflict should only be positive is:
 1 . The conflict is NOT between a control and its own action,
 2.  The conflict is NOT with a control which uses the same action -
   2.1  Unless the Shortcut does not originate from the shared Action 
 Thank you kindly,
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