[Lazarus] generics.collections code completion "cycle detected"?

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Wed Nov 18 15:32:50 CET 2020


if I try code completion on a TDictionary from generics.collections, 
lazarus (2.0.10, fpc 3.2.0) I get the error

Codetools, Errors: 1
generics.dictionariesh.inc(614,44) Error: cycle detected

though the code compiles (with a ton of warnings and I didn't check if 
it works yet).
Is it a know issue?
Normally I use fgl but I wanted to try generics.collections, and I don't 
remember problems with code completion on the fgl classes.

I found this


but it was 4 years ago and a different error.

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