[Lazarus] Default project ?

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Wed Nov 18 21:19:00 CET 2020

On Wed, 18 Nov 2020, Bo Berglund via lazarus wrote:

>> Because it needs a project. It cannot work without one, so it creates one.
>> So if the hypothetical option -np would be implemented, you would definitely be
>> presented with the same 'project wizard' dialog you get when you close the project
>> with "Project - Close Project".
> OK, so if the last project opened is seriously flawed (for this
> Lazarus) and crashes Lazarus, how can one ever remedy that?

At this moment not without changing the config files manually, I think.

But you could have a command-line option that allows to start Lazarus simply
with an empty project instead of the last one.

And that 'empty project' is what I want to have configurable... :-)


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