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> >Once a user opens Firefox, it hogs more memory than any desktop, thus
> >overturning any benefits a minimal desktop might have given.
>  +1
> On Windows I have to regularly shut down all instances of FireFox with
> all of the tabs saved to a bookmark folder in order to clean up
> networking.
> It seems like FFx not only steals memory but also messes with
> networking so that it is like "pouring molasses" over it...
> Any ideas about transparent forms allowing look-through on Linux?
> Works in Windows, but...
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In Fedora with KDE , if you press the left mouse button when the cursor is
on the taskbar of a Lazarus form ( and all of the other open windows of
applications ) it becomes transparent to be sufficient to see the
underside  of it .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk
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