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FormClose is opposite to FormShow. The use-case is a modal form which exists always (i.e. is autocreated when app. starts and is freed when app. end).
You can call ShowModal, create some objects in FormShow and free them in FormClose.
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 I recently have read a message where an object was created in the 
 FormCreate and was freed in the formClose.  What if the form is not 
 freed? I think that the the natural place to free objects created in 
 formCreate is FormDestroy.
 In fact, I usually follow this pairs
 Created in FormCreate, freed in FormDestroy
 Created in FormActivate, freed in FormDeactivate
 Created in FormShow, freed in FormHide
 I seldom use formClose, just to change the default closeAction.  I can't 
 see what else is formClose for. Do you use it form any other case?
 Santiago A.
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