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> Keep us informed, it interests me too. I just did some tests for the
> application console.

PinePhone64 PostmarketOS arrived on the desktop,
FpcUpDeluxe to setup Linux aarch64 RTL&co for FreePascal and latest Lazarus
from trunk on Windows 10
cross-compiled from Windows 10 to Linux aarch64 a simple
copy the 1MB binary using WinSCP from laptop to the PinePhone which is
connected on the same Wifi network at home, using the admin user and
password as declared 5 minutes before during the setup of PostmarketOS
in Putty command line :
pine64-pinephone:~$ ./HelloWorld
-ash: ./HelloWorld: not found
pine64-pinephone:~$ sudo apk add  libc6-compat
[sudo] password for admin:
(1/3) Installing libc6-compat (1.1.24-r9)
(2/3) Installing dnsmasq (2.81-r0)
Executing dnsmasq-2.81-r0.pre-install
(3/3) Installing postmarketos-base-elogind (3-r38)
Executing postmarketos-base-elogind-3-r38.post-install
- Modifying: /etc/elogind/logind.conf
Executing busybox-1.31.1-r19.trigger
Executing postmarketos-base-3-r36.trigger
Configuring a getty on port ttyS0 with baud rate 115200
OK: 967 MiB in 471 packages
pine64-pinephone:~$  ./HelloWorld
Hello world

Lesson learn ! (thank you Michael)
you need to sudo apk add  libc6-compat
using ldd ./HelloWorld
will show you the missing parts:
        /lib/ld-linux-aarch64.so.1 (0xffffa55ab000)
        libpthread.so.0 => /lib/ld-linux-aarch64.so.1 (0xffffa55ab000)
        libdl.so.2 => /lib/ld-linux-aarch64.so.1 (0xffffa55ab000)
        libc.so.6 => /lib/ld-linux-aarch64.so.1 (0xffffa55ab000)

Now let's compile the big beast over the week-end.
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