[Lazarus] New Synthwave Demo

Brian b_lists at patandbrian.org
Thu Dec 2 00:13:42 CET 2021

On 11/30/21 14:24, Gordon Findlay via lazarus wrote:
> Your mails containing so many lies, and so dangerous to the community, 
> means that I will cease being a member of the mailing list.

To Gordon, if it's not already too late, and anybody else considering 
leaving the list due to recent postings :-

Your leaving is not the answer. That alone will not stop the posts. 
Use an e-mail client with good filtering capabilities, and simply 
filter out those abusing the list. It's hard to do in some cases, 
particularly when the people you are filtering have helped you in the 
past, but some things have to be done.


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