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On Thu, Dec 2, 2021 at 1:52 PM Michael Van Canneyt <michael at freepascal.org>

> On Thu, 2 Dec 2021, Marco van de Voort via lazarus wrote:
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> > Op 2-12-2021 om 11:45 schreef Mehmet Erol Sanliturk:
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> >>  Can I convert that program to JavaScript by using Lazarus ?
> >
> > Afaik the pas2js transpiler compiles to an low level javascript that
> > might not be suitable for maintenance after.
> This is not correct. The code is perfectly readable and maintainable.
> Some of the constructs used are of course specific to the pascal object
> language.
> For instance I do all the debugging in Javascript, and this is perfectly
> doable. The code is very readable, and you should not have any problem
> stripping out what you think is too pascal-ish.
> What you cannot expect to be able to do is recompile from pascal and have
> the compiler incorporate changes you made to the generated javascript.
> Michael.

Thank you very much for your prompt replies .

After converting to C and JavaScript , Pascal will not be used for
continuation of development .

I have another program set in Fortran about Statistical and Mathematical
analyses .
These are convertible to C and working very well when they are executed .

I will continue to develop some parts for improvement in Fortran and then
convert them
to C and push these programs as permissive licensed open sources into a
suitable website maintaining such repositories ( as archived , enabling the
people to use them freely without wasting them ) .

The Pascal program is  an implementation of my PhD thesis about a
multimedia knowledge base management system ( definition and management )
based on expert system rules .

The Fortran programs after conversion to C will be incorporated into this
system and will become unusable independently .

Reason of leaving Pascal is to enable me to pursue the development by using
a SINGLE language . Otherwise , I need to use Pascal , C and Fortran .

Another most important problem is the limitations of current operating
systems .
The Lazarus  / Free Pascal is able to generate excellently high quality
machine code , but the
operating systems , both FreeBSD and Linux are tested , are not able to
execute such a large
system , because  the executable program is hitting the internal limit(s)
of the operating systems and they are erasing the executable from the
screen and terminating the run without any single message about why that
action is applied  .

The fault is not in the program . If it were in the program I am sure that
it would produce a proper run time error . There is no such an error . The
run is terminated from different parts of the program by the OSes  after a
( large number of thousand ) recursive entries into almost
all of the involved procedures covering a very large portion of ( around )
12000 procedures during transaction processing which involves more
recursions with respect to query .
When only the query part is used there is no problem . During small
transaction usage , again
there is no problem . Increasing system defined run time stack size is not
changing anything .

This fact has blocked my development . Now I have decided to develop a NEW
licensed operating system from SCRATCH by using mostly FreeBSD parts in C
able to
manage  ( not "Very" but ) "Large scale software stacks" .

This requires changes on  ( design , implement ,test , maintain )
operations of software stacks
by using NEW compilation , linking ( actually not using it ) , and
executing and testing , debugging of the programs distributed on not only
NFS server networks but also using the Internet .

Process migration over distinct and different computing systems is a vital
requirement because a knowledge base management system can not stop some
computations over decades .

The problems are large and difficult to solve .

At present , the choice is

"To be or not to be . That's the only question ."

With my best wishes for all of you .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk
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