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>> what licenses are accepted by the Lazarus project ?
>>    MIT ? GPL v2 ? GPL v3 ?
> The Lazarus IDE itself is GPL v2. Most packages are LGPL v2.
> If your utility is to be installed into the IDE, LGPL v2 is the best.
> Executables outside the IDE can have other licenses but GPL or LGPL is
> still recommended.
> It is also acceptable to have a "mixed license". E.g.
>    Licensed [L]GPL 2 [OR: "2 or later"] or MIT at the users choice.
>    Anyone using/modifying this code must keep at least either one of the
> two Licenses, but is free to remove the other.
> We inherited a case like this in SynEdit. You can check there how exactly
> it is described.

LGPL is a Copy-left ,  MIT is a Permissive license . Use of such a two
will be more suitable for ( real or legal ) persons to select one most
suitable for
their needs . In turn , this will increase  the number of users of the
related software .

With my best wishes ,

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk

> -----
> As Juha said:
> - If it is an IDE plugin, to be compiled into the IDE
> - and to be included in our repo / shipped with the installer
> then it should really include/be [L]GPL at least including version 2.
> If it is to be run from the IDE, lazbuild, our makefiles, or the like,
> then it should be permissive enough not to burden us with displaying
> special notes.
> Of course a mention in the "about" dialog can be required. (not sure if
> Lazbuild currently has any provisions to print such things as "attribution
> notes".
> -----
> As with all things that evolve over time, we already have to many
> Licenses, on different parts of the code.
> This imposes extra work on users, who have to check what the can use in
> their projects.
> By including [L]GPL 2 (with/without the LCL linking permission) a common
> base would be kept.
> Additional/Optional Licenses should be no issue.
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