[Lazarus] Making fpdebug more cross-platform friendly

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Fri Dec 17 08:02:55 CET 2021

Martin Frb via lazarus <lazarus at lists.lazarus-ide.org> schrieb am Do., 16.
Dez. 2021, 23:27:

> Only, question is, if we need the ABI?
> - Do win64 and linux64 share the same ABI? (or win32 <> linux32)?
>    Afaik SEH is win specific (and probably would be best of in the ABI?).
>    But there could still be a base class that is shared between Win/Linux.

Yes, SEH is Windows specific. The ABI is mostly CPU specific however. E.g.
all the i386 calling conventions can be used on all OSes. On the x86_64
systems one usually uses either the SysV or the Win64 ABI, but both FPC and
Clang allow the use of the other calling convention as well. On the other
hand the register usage on m68k for example differs between Amiga and
non-Amiga (the stack pointer is a different register and the stack
alignment is 2 instead of 4 Byte) and this can't be changed.
So in my opinion the design should allow for as much code sharing/reuse as
possible, e.g. with a general x86_64 ABI with OS specifics (e.g. SEH) on


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