[Lazarus] Faster than popcnt [[Re: UTF8LengthFast returning incorrect results on AARCH64 (MacOS)]]

Alexey Tor. support at uvviewsoft.com
Thu Dec 30 08:23:35 CET 2021

> New unit test, with Martin's integrated. If I play with godbolt, Ryzen 
> zen3 (ryzen 5x00X) is nearly twice as fast in cycles as my Ivy Bridge, 
> so I would like to see some benchmarks from various processors. Also 
> from very old ones (P4 and Clawhammers) to test instruction sets. 
Project utf8lentest raised exception class 'External: SIGSEGV'.

  In file 'utf8lentest.lpr' at line 89:

movdqu xmm0, [rcx]

OS: Linux x64. CPU:

    vendor_id = "GenuineIntel"
       (simple synth)  = Intel Core (unknown type) (Sandy Bridge 
D2/J1/Q0) {Sandy Bridge}, 32nm

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