[Lazarus] I say a little prayer (for the Lazarus editor)

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Sat Feb 20 15:03:11 CET 2021

On 20/02/2021 11:06, duilio foschi via lazarus wrote:
> So in the Lazarus editor there is no difference in copying a text 
> row-selected
> and a text column-selected.
Well there is no diff with regards to caret placement.

If you do column select over more than one line, and paste it, it will 
insert each "cell" as column mode dictates. But then also place the 
caret at the very end of the last cell.

> But if the text is column-selected, Delphi sets the cursor at point 
> (x,y+1),
> in the row below.
I thought I had seen that once (I used to once have D5) but I could 
neither remember where, nor how it was triggered....

Please report this as a feature request.

If multi caret does not solve this, you can always use macros

Record macro / IIRC shift ctrl R
Set Bookmark 1
Go to Bookmark1
Go Down one line
END Record macro / IIRC shift ctrl R

Now Play the macro with IIRC shift ctrl P
as often as you need.
Skip line if needed as you like.

Using Pascal script macro, you can skip the bookmark.

Or recording the macro for a specific text to pase, where you know the 
length you can use cursor-left as to go back the correct amount.

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