[Lazarus] Introducing new dependencies between components - how to update make files?

Christo Crause christo.crause at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 10:50:49 CET 2021

I'm busy working on expanding AVR support in fpdebug/fpdebugdebugger.  Some
of the property classes overlap with classes already defined in
gdbmidebugger and I want to move these classes up the hierarchy to avoid
duplication.  This introduces extra dependencies and I need to update the
affected component make files. I started doing this using the "Create
Makefile" option in the Lazarus package tool with FPC 3.2 and noticed large
changes in the resulting make file, mostly related to deleted targets such
as xtensa-freertos.  Should I use FPC trunk (and more specifically fpcmake
from trunk) for  development of Lazarus, or is this just required when
regenerating make files?

Also the build order of some of the targets needs to be reordered in the
root make file to satisfy the dependency chain,  can I update the
Makefile.fpc and MakeFile by hand, or is there a tool/option to also update
these make files which are not part of a package?

Best regards,
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