[Lazarus] unit Masks vs. unit FPMasks

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> Note: Just to put in context, my "explore" in the TMask world started
> when writing my NTFS filesystem reader, when all file names are read
> (400,000) I can search for them using masks. When compiled in fpc
> (Lazarus) the "*.txx" search takes 1-2 seconds (not measured) and when
> compiled with Delphi it takes +/- 0.3 seconds, so I stated to write my
> own TMask.

I am interested in how well your TMask version compares with Delphi's
Does it match the speed or even surpass it?

Anyway this unit looks very promising!
It works with Unicode as advertised. It passes all cases in the updated
unit test. Our current implementation fails miserably.
See components/lazutils/test/testmasks.lpi
For example this
  TestMask('ö', '[!☺-☂]', True);
means that 'ö' is not between a happy face and an umbrella.
Case-insensitive matching of Unicode can be fixed later with functions
found in LazUTF8.

With José's approval the license will be LGPL with a linking exception. It
will be part of the LazUtils package. Author's name will be mentioned of
Is that OK?
I will not copy the whole original unit but use the UTF-8 parts + rename
and tweak some things.

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