[Lazarus] FPC & Lazarus moving to gitlab

Zoë Peterson zoe at scootersoftware.com
Wed Jun 23 00:33:24 CEST 2021

On 6/22/2021 11:05 AM, Michael Van Canneyt via lazarus wrote:
> The conversion program will attempt to convert existing bugs using the
> account of the new gitlab user. To map your gitlab user name (or ID) 
> to the
> mantis user, we ask that you file an issue in the mantis project of the
> current bugtracker, assign it the category gitlab, and set the summary of
> the bugreport to your gitlab account name or ID number (not both!). 

I have two Mantis accounts on bugs.freepascal.org, stemming from when I 
changed my name.  If I make two bug reports, one with each account, both 
listing the same GitLab account, will that work or mess something up?

Zoë Peterson
Scooter Software

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