[Lazarus] Lazarus for writing 3D Desktop Environment/Window manager for Linux?

Chavoux Luyt chavoux at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 14:52:51 CEST 2021


I have played a bit with Lazarus over the years, but have never used it to
write any big or commercial projects (I have used both older versions of
Delphi, C++ Builder and Visual Studio with C# for that). However, it seems
to me as if modern Lazarus has everything and more than Delphi (although it
would have been nice if Lazarus could add packages like Delphi without
needing to recompile the whole IDE - compile the package to a .dll or .so
and simply link into it from the IDE?). KDE (Plasma), XFCE and Fluxbox (MX
Linux versions) are my current favourite desktop environments, but I am
feeling increasingly frustrated with especially the larger desktop
environments (including Windows 10) and want to replace it with an
interface that makes use of the 3D capabilities of most (all?) modern
computers. The idea is a "game-like" first-person shooter interface where
instead of a desktop with various virtual desktops or a start menu, you
have a house (or a castle or whatever) in which you move, open different
doors with different rooms, like e.g. an office (where all your typical
office programs (and files in filing cabinet) would be stored, a
entertainment room (with your music and video software and files), etc.
This interface will also be more future-proof than the current desktop
metaphor, allowing for e.g. virtual reality displays instead of a screen as
your computer-human interface.

I really like object Pascal as a language (and Lazarus in particular)...


   1. Is it possible to write a 3D desktop environment (with similar
   functionality to KDE/Gnome) in Lazarus?
   2. Is Lazarus a good tool for writing such a desktop environment?
   Why/why not?
   3. Are there better alternatives that can use OpenGL (or a game engine
   using OpenGL) that can be used for writing such a Desktop Environment (if
   Lazarus is not a good tool)?
   4. I have installed (but never used) Castle Game Engine (using
   aptitude... but I don't see it in Lazarus). Does anyone here have
   experience using it? Could it be used as the basis of writing a 3D "desktop
   5. Is there anybody on the list that would be interested in helping to
   write this as a new type of user OS GUI for Linux? Maybe as the start of a
   future GSoC project?

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