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> Whilst doing that I fiddled around with bot the tests and the masks unit.
> I then wanted to commit (push) these changes seperately.
> I got stuck.
> In svn I could commit a single file, then another.
> I git I don;t know how to do that.

A resolution by file for commits in arbitrary and limiting.
Often changes for one feature or bug fix must spread to many files, and
often changes made in one file should be split into many commits.
"git gui" allows to include/exclude hunks and even single lines in/from a
commit. I believe your GUI tool supports the same thing.

My workflow currently is:
> make changes
> git commit files I changed (solve one problem per commit)
> git pull (I have pull.rebase=true)
> git push

Make many commits. Some of them may be experimental, no problem.
Finally go through them, fix errors, join commits together, remove commits
purely for debugging, and finally push.
If a feature gets longer to finish, keep it in a local branch and rebase to
main sometimes.

PS. The test suite runs fine again (but see my remarks on the
> wqFilenameEnd quirk.

Here it gives an error from procedure TestWindows.
I don't see commits from you in the TestMasks project.

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