[Lazarus] Lazarus on Linux, which desktop environment?

Bo Berglund bo.berglund at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 00:01:54 CET 2021

I have been using Lazarus/FPC for a long time on Windows and also on Raspberry
Pi Linux.
I also have two laptops on which I run Ubuntu Mate 20.04.3, where I have
installed Lazarus and FPC.

That all works OK.

But now I would like to put Lazarus/FPC on a dedicated Ubuntu *Server* 20.04.3
so I don't have to run the two laptops to access Lazarus.

And this brings me to my question:

I have understood that Lazarus behaves differently depending on the desktop
environment on Linux, and at the same time I have  great problems with using
what comes with stock Ubuntu 20...

So I want to get something that is working like Mint and still able to create
applications that will run on stock Ubuntu.
And the desktop environment I have to install should be light weight too, no
office or video applications etc. Just basic tools for handling the system like
GParted etc.

I will access the desktop over the network using RealVNC on my Windows10 PC, so
I have to install TigerVNC into the server after the desktop environment is in

What should I install?
Will KDE work?
Or does in not matter for Lazarus?

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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