[Lazarus] New install on Ubuntu 20.04.3 Cinnamon - Errors when recompiling IDE

Bo Berglund bo.berglund at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 23:12:39 CET 2021

On Tue, 23 Nov 2021 17:03:10 +0200, Juha Manninen via lazarus
<lazarus at lists.lazarus-ide.org> wrote:

>A clean build usually solves such problems.

Not really....

The problem was that in certain cases of Linux (Ubuntu?) the desktop file
execution does not correctly pick up the $HOME/bin folder in path and that is
where the binaries wind up.

Michel had the same problem and found this solution.
(I should have quoted the actual solution in my last message rather than
referencing the old thread... So I am doing it now below.)

The normal Exec line in the desktop file looks like this (on one single line):

--pcp=/home/user/.lazarus_2.0.12 %f

And the modified line like this:

Exec=/bin/bash -l -c '/home/user/devel/lazarus/2.0.12/startlazarus

The first results in Lazarus *not* finding the binaries it needs, whereas the
second makes sure to load the correct path into the session.

This will not be affected by any form of build.

Notice that when fpc and lazarus are built it is in a terminal session started
by user and given the full path including to $HOME/bin
So the standalone build process works whereas the lazarus session started from
the Ubuntu menu using the desktop file only works with Michel's modifications.

I can confirm that the solution back in 2020 which worked then still works in
this new environment today.

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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