[Lazarus] Debugger stops in c dll even when no breakpoint set

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Wed Nov 24 14:43:56 CET 2021

El 24/11/21 a les 14:38, Luca Olivetti via lazarus ha escrit:
> El 24/11/21 a les 14:29, Martin Frb via lazarus ha escrit:
>>> I don't know where that message came from, but is there a way to see 
>>> it while debugging the application under lazarus?
>> I would guess this is based on 
>> https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/windows-hardware/drivers/debugger/gflags-and-pageheap 
>> Now there are 2 modes: "standard" and "full"
>> Note: this is only about mem on the heap. Local vars on the stack are 
>> not affected (except, if (like objects) they are pointers to the heap, 
>> then the heap part (and only that) will be affected)
>> "Standard" only detects, overruns when mem is freed.
>> If I understand this correctly, in FPC you can enable -gh heaptrc, and 
>> this will do something similar, but limited...
> Yes, I routinely do that, but it only works for pascal code. In this 
> case it was a c dll (that I wrote as a bridge between another dll and my 
> pascal code) so heaptrc wouldn't catch that error.
> I suppose the message comes from some windows core dll and windbg can 
> display it, I don't know if and how gdb can (I'm not using fpdebug yet, 
> maybe it can?).

btw, I'm not sure that gflags was doing anything: I was getting the same 
result with every flag activated as with none of them.
In fact when I sent the first message in this thread I had no windows 
debugging tool installed, yet the debugger stopped on the free, only I 
couldn't see or find that message.

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