[Lazarus] New Synthwave Demo

Alexey Tor. support at uvviewsoft.com
Tue Nov 30 09:45:52 CET 2021

quote: This demo evokes the style of the 1980s synthwave music culture 
using Free Pascal.

I don't remember that synthwave culture. I lived in the damned communist 
USSR at 1980's, we did not have any synthwave. Only soviet music (==by 
60% it's bad copied western music) + some (not all) hits from the west 
(Abba, Beatles, some rocks bands, not much, some Italian singers). Lack 
of hardware to play the music. Some ppl had the vanilla players, some 
had audio-casette players, my family did have only vanilla player, later 
we got soviet auto-casette player, and I asked my family to bye me ONE 
auto-casette per month, they were expensive. And we had queues, queues 
in the grocery shops 'UniverSams'. Shops which lacked many required food 
products (meat was rare, fish was appeared even more rare).

In the childhood, we were teached at the schools about the doings of 
'grandfather Lenin', the mass murderer of early USSR. In 2010-2020s, we 
are teached about the doings of Stalin, the mass murderer of 1930-1953. 
He ruled after Lenin. This is damned country.

On 30.11.2021 02:33, Anthony Walter via lazarus wrote:
> On this page <https://www.getlazarus.org/videos/physics/synthwave/> is 
> the video and source code of the project.


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