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Your mails containing so many lies, and so dangerous to the community,
means that I will cease being a member of the mailing list.

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> Now people are dying because of the jabs. Those are not side-effects, the
> jabs work as intended.
> I am more and more convinced there is no SARS-CoV-2 virus. It has not been
> isolated from any patient during the 2 year "pandemic". Why?
> The only reliable measure of a pandemic is the total number of deaths
> compared to earlier years. There has been no increase in deaths in almost
> anywhere (*) so far. In this winter we will see an increase because of the
> jabs' effects ... and the new Omicron variant is blamed of course. It was
> all planned a long ago. How are the variants detected, anyone? Even the
> original virus has not been isolated and the PCR tests give mostly false
> positives.
> In a Marbug plandemic (or similar) symptoms will be imposed by the
> "booster-shots" and a new virus will be blamed. It will not be about a real
> virus then either.
> The agenda behind the plandemic is much worse than most people realize.
> Wake up please. This scam can be stopped only if enough people raise to
> oppose it. Don't put diapers on your face, don't consent to segregation
> passports etc.
> Juha
> (*) The few exceptions, Italy, Spain, some US cities, in early 2020 can be
> explained.
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