[Lazarus] TMask revisited

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> As I see it now, we are planning to remove all the old TMask stuff (in
> the future) and replace it with the new and improved TMask.
> Shouldn't that mean that we should also deprecate the CreateLegacy method?
> That way we can remove all backwards compatibility stuff in 2.5/2.6.
> And the same for the TMaskOption(s) type? (Although it stands to
> reason that we remove this once we remove the methods that use those
> as a paramater-type.)

I personally would like to keep the CreateLegacy constructor, or a similar
one with another name.
Users who are accustomed to the old syntax may find it useful.
I leave it for you to decide.
I was thinking hard if I should name the current CreateLegacy as Create and
then have another constructor for the improved / extended syntax. That
would be more backwards compatible.
I am happy with both solutions.
Fortunately the backwards compatibility issue is not serious because the
vast majority of masks are simple *.txt or similar and they keep on working.

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