[Lazarus] Issue #37100 / Can not create StatusBar control under Win32 LCL Dll application

Rolf Wetjen rolf.wetjen at mail.de
Thu Sep 23 13:44:38 CEST 2021

Hello everybody,

can someone tell me what's the status of issue #37100? Will it be 
The code looks a little bit strange. Both, the original one and the 
patch as well.

The procedure "InitializePreferredStatusBarHeight" is referenced only 
one time in
"class procedure TWin32WSStatusBar.GetPreferredSize(const AWinControl: 
   var PreferredWidth, PreferredHeight: integer; WithThemeSpace: Boolean);"
I assume that AWinControl is the TStatusBar object here and so I think 
the Parent used in InitializePreferredStatusBarHeight should be 
AWinControl.ParentWindow.Handle in all cases.

Easy to change by defining  "const AWinControl: TWinControl" as 
parameter for InitializePreferredStatusBarHeight.

What do you think about it?



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