[Lazarus] Gtk 1.2 fixes (again)

denisgolovan denisgolovan at yandex.ru
Mon Feb 14 00:08:04 CET 2022

>From "Kostas"

> As to why, as i wrote in the comment in
> the merge request, i was curious about the Gtk 1.2 state, noticed that
> it didn't work and decided to fix it. I just simply like it when
> software doesn't drop support for old stuff just because they are old. I
> am into retrocomputing and various retrocomputing communities and i like
> being able to use modern software in retro environments (if anything i'd
> like to see what it'd take to bring back Win9x support to both FPC and
> Lazarus as in a game i made for a gamejam a couple of years ago i had to
> use several year old versions of FPC to make a Win9x version that would
> work with graphics cards on my older computers - like 3dfx Voodoo - and
> couldn't make the editor available for it because it wouldn't compile on
> the last Lazarus that supported Win9x - at least i was able to use the
> latest FPC for the DOS version, which is great).

Personally, I have deep respect to people who fight against entropy (in all senses).
That make FPC/Lazarus community so special in my view.
Please go on.

-- Regards,
Denis Golovan

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