[Lazarus] Can fppkg be disabled?

Bernd Mueller mueller.b at gmx.net
Mon Feb 21 11:36:54 CET 2022


> Is this possible?

the workaround below solves the problem for me.

When the "Configure Lazarus IDE" dialog appears for the first Lazarus
start, one can ignore the Fppkg tab and start the IDE as it was possible
with former Lazarus versions. The (for me annoying) dialog will then no
longer appear when Lazarus starts again.

I could not detect any negative effects. The IDE can recompile itself
and installing packages via the integrated online package manager was
also possible.

Regards, Bernd.

--- main.pp0	2022-01-02 11:01:24.000000000 +0100
+++ main.pp	2022-02-19 14:07:50.640176600 +0100
@@ -1450,6 +1450,7 @@

+  (*
    // check fppkg configuration
    if (not ShowSetupDialog)
@@ -1458,6 +1459,7 @@
      debugln('Warning: (lazarus) fppkg not properly configured.');
+  *)

    // show setup dialog
    if ShowSetupDialog then begin

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