[Lazarus] Lazarus build fails

Ondrej Pokorny lazarus at kluug.net
Tue Jan 25 14:29:33 CET 2022

I had the same problem and I got this nice answer from Martin:

On 18.01.2022 14:19, Martin Frb wrote:
> From within the IDE => New package have been added:
> - Once you have a new IDE, that new IDE will include them.
> - But an old IDE does not know to include them (Because IDE packages, 
> are added to the source code in packager, and therefore are only seen 
> after building)
> This conflicts happens each time, a new "core" dependency is added.
> 2 Options:
> (In either case make sure to have the very latest from git)
> 1) make bigide
> 2) Open the packages 
> components/lazdebuggers/lazdebuggerintf/lazdebuggerintf.lpk  and 
> ide/packages/idedebugger/idedebugger.lpk
> "Install" them to your ide. The do a clean build.


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