[Lazarus] 867d12b4 breaks compilation on x86_64-linux Attn: Martin

Marcus Sackrow alb42 at web.de
Wed Jan 26 12:00:43 CET 2022


Am 25.01.2022 um 22:25 schrieb Martin Frb via lazarus:
> Strange.
> I have to check the Makefiles again. I thought the IDE had updated them.
> Btw that revision has a 2nd bug, the 2nd bug is fixed in 947030b575f
> (I had some local defines enabled, so the 2nd bug did not trigger here)
> On 25/01/2022 22:20, Marcus Sackrow via lazarus wrote:
>> The commit  867d12b4 breaks the compilation at least on x86_64-linux

Thanks it compiles again.



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