[Lazarus] IDE qt5 compile error

John Landmesser jmlandmesser at gmx.de
Mon Mar 14 19:13:18 CET 2022

Am 14.03.22 um 18:54 schrieb Alexey Torgashin via lazarus:
>> Error: /home/john1/lazarus/lcl/interfaces//qt5/qtobject.inc:42:
>> undefined reference to
>> `QGuiApplication_setFallbackSessionManagementEnabled'
> Do not use Lazarus 'latest', but return to the revision before THAT
> qt5 patch.
> My linux terminal shows me which revision I use now:
> user at PC:~/lazarus$ git status
> HEAD detached at 23b2324f9f
> I used Git to return to that revision.
> Alexey

Thanks for that tip!

I don't use Lazarus qt5 any more. I have just one little app and for
this i have a workaround so i don't need qt5pas any more.

> LAZUSEAPPIND=NO /run/media/john1/ntfs1/PROJEKTE/Lazarus/Sanduhr/Sanduhr
Doing this trayicon.hint works again and without qt5pas installed :-)

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