[Lazarus] testing demorestbridge without a web server: is that possible?

duilio foschi octopushole at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 22:04:58 CEST 2022

following the suggestions offered by zeljiko (thank you, zeljko), I
was able to compile and successfully run

Albeit no message is displayed when the EXE starts, I can see that the
application is alive and answering requests at port 3000 (I use
command >netstat -bano for this).

The next step I'd like to reach is to run a client demo that will
communicate with the server above.

Demo bufclient compiles successfully

At start time, I need to insert data into 3 boxes:

1. URL
2. username
3. password

#2 and #3 are no problem, of course.

#1 puzzles me.

The box has the following string preset

To my poor knwoledge, http requires a web server and I have no web
server running in my PC with windows 7.

Is there any way to do a quick test of demorestbridge.exe without
installing a web server?

Probably a stupid question...

Thank you


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