[Lazarus] Simple ipc server fatal error on start - 0xc000007b

Giuliano Colla giuliano.colla at fastwebnet.it
Sat Apr 1 11:15:44 CEST 2023

Il 01/04/2023 09:37, Bo Berglund via lazarus ha scritto:

> Where are the "internet examples of Delphi 7" located?
> Inside the Delphi7 installation or where? I can't find any.
> By the name you write it looks to me (without having found the example) that it
> is a*network*  application using TCP/IP sockets or the like.
> I know this is a possibility but seems to be problematic since it implies that
> the communication is via the LAN. What about situations when there is no network
> connection?
> The IPC as described seems to use internal messaging channels on the Windows
> computer it runs on and not the network...
> -- Bo Berglund Developer in Sweden

I have found it on the Kylix installation. But I did a quick search of 
Delphi NetChat and I found it immediately. It should be in the Demos 
folder. Demos->Internet->NetChat. You may also download it from 
Internet, where a Brazilian guy has made it available:

Yes it is a network app, but it can be used locally, just by connecting 
both sides via localhost (i.e., the loopback interface, which 
can be used whenever you want to connect TCP/IP server-client on the 
same machine. It's fundamental to test network apps locally before 
deploying it.
Just search for "windows localhost", and you'll get the Microsoft 
documentation about it:
and other contributions which may be useful.

That way you'll be using tools which are widely used and tested, and not 
very special ones which may fail outside a particular environment.


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