[Lazarus] Lazarus 2.2.6/Fpc 3.2.2 Win-32 - Cannot add desktops, why?

Bo Berglund bo.berglund at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 16:53:58 CEST 2023

I was following my notes on how to configure a newly installed Lazauus to my
liking when I stumbled across an item I have not seen AFAICT:

Normally I configure different desktops to use for different types of
application, for example the one for standard GUI applications is different from
what I use for console type programs.

So I installed the 32 bit Lazarus on a Windows 10 x64 workstation using
fpcupdeluxe (the reason for 32 bit is because I need that to be able to
cross-compile for Raspberry Pi arm devices).
I also installed the cross-compiler for arm-linux (the cross to Win64 was
already installed when I installed the main Lazarus-32).

When I now headed towards the desktop dialog (Tools/Desktops) it does not have
an option to add new desktops! The only functions available on the "Manage
Desktops" dialog are:

- Save active desktop as..
- Set active (disabled)
- Toggle as debug desktop
- Rename
- Delete (disabled)
- Move up (disabled)
- Move down
- Auto save active desktop checkbox is checked by default.

I am used to getting into a dialog where one can add new desktops and name them
whatever, then set one active and configure the desktop as needed and save it,
then move to the next desktop and repeat.

But this is not possible here! What am I missing?

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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