[Lazarus] Fppkg reports RTL not installed - Lazarus 2.2.4/fpc 3.2.2 from sources on Ubuntu

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Thu Feb 9 22:37:20 CET 2023

On 09/02/2023 21:57, Bo Berglund via lazarus wrote:
> And it seems to be looking for $HOME/.config/fppkg.cfg even though I 
> am using
> separate install dirs for Lazarus 2.0.12 and 2.2.4 and the launch file
> lazarus_2.2.4.desktop contains --pcp=/home/bosse/.lazarus_2.2.4
> So I would expect the location of the fppkg.cnf file to be inside that pcp dir,
> but it is not.

According to what I gathered info wise, fppkg only supports one config 
dir. (it has some options, but not sure the IDE uses those)
So it does not work well for Lazarus multi install.

The IDE will work fine without it.
It' only needed if you need some of the few packages that are only avail 
via fppkg (though you can download them by hand anyway)

>> Try to delete the old config by hand.
>> Then -outside the IDE - use the latest (3.2.2) fppkg to create a new
>> config. (may or may not need the fpc install in PATH)
> Exactly what do you suggest here?
> - Which old config? File name and location please.
The one in your home folder (I don't have Linux path)...
On Windows it's in %APPDATA%\Local\FreePascal\fppkg

There are files like fppkg.cfg mirrors.xml packages.xml and some folders.

> - How do I use the new fpc to recreate it? I don't even know what it is....
there is an fppkg utility in the fpc folder. (fppkg is part of fpc)

If you just run it
it should create a config file (if none exists).
It wont say that it did, it just prints the help.
(could be that fpc needs to be in path)

> Note that I must be able to run my existing Lazarus 2.0.12 until everything with
> 2.2.4 has been checked to work..
It is a long time back since I last dealt with it (I now have it 

It is not about the lazarus version, but different fpc versions.
In my case (but maybe I was lucky) the older fpc didn't complain....

Anyway that is about what I remember from when I last fought with it....
Sorry, it's not much....

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