[Lazarus] Using packages for often used units across projects?

Bo Berglund bo.berglund at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 14:44:31 CET 2023

I am working on porting a set of applications (company internal tools and
utilities mostly) from Delphi to FPC/Lazarus and now I have encountered use of a
number of same units in several different applications.

It seems not so good to copy the files into each project. In Delphi they were
accessed from one location by several projects by using search path settings
(not available in Lazarus).

So now I wonder if one can put several really non-related units in a common
package such that they will be available in every application from Lazarus?
I.e. package lazcommon containing 5+ different units defining various classes
and compiled by the package handler.

So I am not talking about a package implementing a common typoe of actions like
Internet communications or some graphics hanling or such, just a container that
would simplify using commonly used units like for serial comm, application
logging, special graphics etc

These files would not have a GUI impact at all, never placed on a form and not
configured in the GUI...
So this package would not be installed, just compiled in the package manager.

If this is how it can be done, is there some tutorial (for dummies) that handles
the way it is done?

I found the wiki page:

it seems not to describe my use case, I believe.
But it is too dense for me to really understand it all...

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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