[Lazarus] Screwed up Lazarus installation - how to make clean and start over?

Werner Pamler werner.pamler at freenet.de
Wed Feb 22 22:59:15 CET 2023

Am 22.02.2023 um 21:15 schrieb Bo Berglund via lazarus:
> Now running that older version but with a partially installed package...
> bglcontrols.lpk is not installed but bgrabitmappack.lpk is. So the whole thing
> is partially installed.
> How can I *remove it totally* such that it is not existing at all in my system?
> I don't want this component to reinstall when I add another package and rebuild
> Lazarus.

You uninstall a package in the "Package" > "Install/Uninstall packages" 
dialog. Select the package to be removed in the left list, click 
"Uninstall selection" and then "Save and Rebuild IDE".

This will remove bglcontrols which is a runtime/designtime package, but 
it will not remove bgrabitmappack - it is a runtime package and thus is 
not compiled into the IDE. This cannot crash the compilation of the IDE. 
If you also want to get rid of it, go to "Package" > "Package Links", 
find it in the list, check it and click "Delete selected". This removes 
the path to the package from an internal list so that the IDE no longer 
knows where the package is (the files are still there, though - but you 
can delete them manually in the OS).

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