[Lazarus] Unicode RTL for FPC

Rolf Wetjen rolf.wetjen at mail.de
Thu Jan 12 10:02:12 CET 2023

Hi Michael,

I'm interested in this but I expect that I'm not the expert you are 
looking for. Some time ago ( Lazarus 1.8 or even earlier) I made a 
directory sync program for my own use for Windows which is aware of 
Unicode names in the file system.

I tried to follow your instruction but I failed as git is a pain for me:

  - Update your git clone
     git pull https://gitlab.com/freepascal.org/lazarus/lazarus.git 
lazarus. "lazarus" is my target folder.

- switch to branch unicodertl
     git branch --list gives only one branch: main

Can you please show in detail what to do?

Do you plan a full Unicode (up to four bytes per codepoint as far as I 
remember) or a DBCS (double byte character set) version? I don't know 
what Windows uses and what Delphi does.

Thank you,

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