[Lazarus] Debugging the unicode RTL

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Thu Jan 12 10:42:08 CET 2023


As written in other mails, I'm currently working on the Unicode RTL of FPC.

Debugging programs using the unicode RTL is possible, but not comfortable:

I have currently identified 2 problems in Lazarus which make debugging such
programs difficult:

- The IDE does now know the -tSUBTARGET option.
   This means that it does not correctly identify the IFDEF paths in source
   code, as it didn't correctly parse all config files.

- Debugging programs works in general quite OK, except for displaying of
   some strings. Most notable, the exception message is affected:
   only the first character of the exception message is shown.

It seems to me obvious that the IDE needs to be aware of the -t option. 
But for debugging this is not enough: I think the IDE debugger needs 
another mechanism to determine using whether a program uses a unicode RTL or not. 
The way this happens in code is 
// unicode RTL code.
// Ansi rtl code.
Obviously, this is of no use in the debugger.  The subtarget name is also
not usable, since any subtarget definition can specify that the RTL should 
be unicode.


1/ Should the compiler provide some symbol in - say - the system unit to deterine
whether the RTL is compiled in unicode mode, or is another mechanism
preferred to do this ?

2/ Where can I find the code that extracts the message from an exception
object ? So I can have a shot at trying to fix the display.


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