[Lazarus] Minor annoyance in IDE

Don Ziesig donald at ziesig.org
Sun Jan 15 04:03:07 CET 2023

Hi All!

It's been years (unfortunately much ill health/hospitalization) but I'm 

I upgraded to Lazarus 2.2.4 before getting back to work and my memory of 
the annoyance from earlier versions may be erroneous (I don't remember 
it happening in the past).

When I have a non-Lazarus window overlapping the main IDE window and I 
move the mouse over the main window the main window raises itself over 
everything else on the desktop.  This is exceedingly annoying.  My 
normal muscle-memory is that I am the only one who explicitly raises 
windows using a mouse click (too much MS Windows in the distant past?).

Is there any way to disable this?  I have looked at all of the 
configuration menus/pages but didn't see any thing that looks appropriate.

Or might it just be the OS (Linux Mint XFCE)?

Don Ziesig

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