[Lazarus] Debugging the unicode RTL

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Sun Jan 22 11:29:45 CET 2023

On 12/01/2023 11:26, Michael Van Canneyt via lazarus wrote:
> It needs to determine the definition of "string" which will be an 
> array of
> unicodechar or ansichar. Once it knows that, the rest will follow, 
> since the definition of unicodechar or ansichar will have the correct 
> size.

The big issues is still, that dwarf does not make any 
(official/documented) diff between PChar, string and array of char.
Except for internal encoding details ....

> I don't think this is a very reliable method. In moderately difficult 
> code,
> half of the time the codetools don't work properly, so relying on them 
> to provide this info is a recipe for disaster. Hence my question...

The debugger does and should not relay on codetools.

Well, there is a  case where codetool helps preparing....
If you add a watch (or hover for a hint), codetool will determine the 
boundaries of the expression.

So   "foo.bar"  will not just add bar, but the correct term.
Or  "foo.bar[x.y]"   if you hover on y, will get x.y, but if you hover 
on "]" will get the full term.

And codetool will resolve "with" at that time.

But that is it.
And it should be it.

Source can have changed in the mean time.

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