[Lazarus] FPC compiler error messages file update

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Thu Jul 27 11:43:47 CEST 2023


We're preparing FPC fixes release 3.2.4.

There are some new error messages in the compiler/msg/errore.msg file,
they need to be translated to other available languages:

errorct.msg (Catalan)
errorda.msg (Danish)
errord.msg  (German, CP 850)
errordu.msg (German, UTF8)
errores.msg (Spanish)
errorfi.msg (Finish)
errorf.msg  (French)
errorhe.msg (Hebrew CP 1255)
errorheu.msg (Hebrew UTF8)
errorid.msg (Indonesian CP 20127)
erroriu.msg (Italian)
errorn.msg  (Dutch)
errorpli.msg (Polish CP 8859-2)
errorpl.msg (Polish CP 852)
errorpt.msg (Portugese CP 850)
errorptu.msg (Portugese UTF8)
errorr.msg (Russian CP 866)
errorru.msg (Russian UTF8)
errorues.msg (Spanish UTF8)

The tool compiler/utils/msgdif can be used to compare the language-specific
file with the original file, and will write a new.msg file.

so after compiling msgdif, if you execute the following command 
in the compiler/msg directory (I'm taking dutch as an example, you should
obviously use your language file):

msgdif errore.msg errorn.msg

it will result in a file new.msg which has all original messages from errorn.msg 
and all new messages: this 'new.msg' file needs to be corrected/updated.

I have not updated the various files myself using this method, since I am not
capable of interpreting the resulting new.msg since I don't read all these
languages, and would possibly commit wrong files as a result.

If you speak one of these languages, please consider updating the
corresponding language file and uploading a patch to the issue tracker, 
or you can send a diff to me and I will apply it.

If creating the msgdif tool and the new.msg file is too difficult for you, 
feel free to mail me and I will gladly do it for you.

Thanks in advance,


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