[Lazarus] MJPEG streamer

Steve Gatenby steveg at nevets.com.au
Fri Jul 28 03:40:48 CEST 2023

On 24/7/23 09:35, Steve Gatenby via lazarus wrote:
> On 23/7/23 18:35, Steve Gatenby via lazarus wrote:
>> Would anybody know if there is a component / code to enable reading 
>> an mjpeg stream from a http camera to a Lazarus form/panel (or 
>> anything really)
>> Dont mind installing libraries etc -
>> Looking to suit Linux specifically though
>> Thanks - SteveG
> Thank you all -
> exactly what I was hoping for - possibilities to follow :)
> I will post if / once I get it figured as may be useful to others
I have written a (very) small unit to capture stream from esp32-cam 
(currently) and display in standard Lazarus TImage. First draft allows 
multiple cams / images.

What is the accepted way of supplying for use by others ? - do we have a 
central place for snippets / units for Pascal / Lazarus.

I know about CCR etc, but this is a bit small for that :) - so not sure 
what to do with it.

Have considered github, but seems overkill for such a small offering 
(and no guarantees it would always exist)

Regard - SteveG

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