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Sat Jul 29 20:31:28 CEST 2023

On 29-jul-23 4:55 a. m., Juha Manninen via lazarus wrote:

> Same with logcache. I am in Git Lazarus source directory but it asks for a parameter.
> [juha at juha-fp30 lazarus]$ ../lazgitgui/logcache
> a file or directory of a git repository is needed
> [juha at juha-fp30 lazarus]$

Indeed, logcache is supposed to work like LazGitGui, but it need only to locate the .git directory,
while LazGitGui could implement using the specified dir or file to limit working on that path and
not in the whole repository.

But logcache program is only a way to test the structure of the log cache, not really needed for LazGitGui

> These are standalone applications.
> An idea for future development :
> An IDE plugin that runs "git blame" for an active editor source file and shows a HashID for each line.

Blaming is something I would like to add, but more the way it works in TortoiseGit and less
than 'git gui'/gitk where it is a mess (IMO) in the mean time, this functionality is somewhat
supplied by the File History feature found in the yet to document log window where you can view
the commit changes as a diff, or look how was the work tree at that particular moment, clicking
any file in those views will enable the [FH] button that shows the selected file history. In gitk
you have to invoke it from the command line and the same in TortoiseGit although it's done in
a through the file browser interface

> I never understood the traditional revision control plugins that allow commits from the IDE. What is the benefit? I have anyways saved and tested all my changes when I want to commit. I can as well start a proper commit tool from outside the IDE. There is no true integration, the IDE plugin is only started from a different place.

I think it promotes a workflow where you commit often and short commits, but it is true that almost
always you have to someway find the window where you pick your changes and actually do it which is
not too different to invoke an external tool.

> Juha

Jesus Reyes A.
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